Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Best And Worst Of V-Day: Readers Share!

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Over on our Facebook Page we asked readers to tell us their best and worst Valentine's Day stories. We didn't get a ton of responses, but we definitely got some great stories! Read what they had to say and feel free to share your own in the comments!

The Best of V-Days, The Worst of V-Days

"Both of mine are the same story! My college boyfriend blindfolded me, guided me to his room, and lay me down on some pillows. He took off the blindfold and asked me to look up. On the ceiling was a huge red heart with the words, "Be my Valentine, Charissa!" Then he pulled a string and the heart split open and a ton of rose petals showered down on me. And he video taped it. So sweet and romantic, right? The very next week, I caught him boning my best friend. I lit that tape on fire and cursed his penis to shrivel. So...yeah." - Charissa

She'll Be Telling This To Their Kids One Day

"Four years ago, This Guy I Had Been Seeing and I were on a break - we had stopped talking in mid-January. February 14th I leave my house and on the doorstep were flowers, candy, and a stuffed animal. TGIHBS lived forty minutes west of me and worked 30 minutes north, which meant he got up crazy early to do that. We're still together." - Vikky

Uh, Thanks?

"The dumbest thing I ever got was a platinum-dipped rose. Like, wth am I supposed to do with this thing, really? Who MARKETS this stuff?" - Jami

Simpsons Did It!

"My 8th grade boyfriend made me a hand-drawn replica of the card that Lisa gives Ralph Wiggum in The Simpson's episode, "I Love Lisa" (It's a picture of a train and it says, "I Choo-Choo-Choose You!") It was funny and sweet and weirdly perfect.

We broke up shortly thereafter, though, when he told everyone that I showed him my boobs. I was appalled, because I had done no such thing." - Nosio

Get To My Heart Through My Tummy

"I never got any Valentine's Day gifts before my husband and I started dating... except from my parents. They got me roses every year when I was in high school. Which was sweet, but I felt like such a dork, getting flowers from my parents. :P But Matt made up for all that last year - he got me red velvet cupcakes. That's all I could ever need!" - Melissa

Canadian Romance

"Lock de-icer. A few years back, I got a little bottle of lock de-icer from my husband...and nothing else. I like to think that was a "teachable moment" for him." - Maureen

What A Jackass

"Nick and I don't do V-day. Though I guess my worst Valentine's day was when I was with my ex. He never got me anything the 3 years we were together except for one year when he bought me a card and actually wrote on the card: "you should feel very special cause I have never bought a Valentine gift and I got you this card." That was a total a-hole thing to write. I would have prefered he wouldn't had bothered." - Mairim

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  1. Aww crap I meant to contribute and forgot all about it. Mine is very similar to Mairim's - I had been dating my guy for over two years (but the time frame made it three total Valentine's Days). By the third one, things were not going well with us, and he came home late from work with a bouquet of lilies (my favorite) and I said thank you and was very appreciative and his response was "Well you better appreciate that I did this because I hate Valentine's Day." I DID appreciate it, jackass, until you ruined it. We broke up a couple of weeks later.