Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes, Zombies, and Aquatic Animals

Pinky McLadybits

Happy Martin Luther King Day! Google has a new doodle to celebrate the legacy of the man that helped change the world. (Google)

Have you read World War Z? It's a pretty amazing book that is soon to be a movie. A redditor has put together some screen caps of what it might look like if Z-Day really happened. (reddit)

I didn't watch The Golden Globes last night. Instead I watched X-Men: First Class and MST3K: The Deadly Bees. I regret nothing. Check out the night's winners! EFF YEAH, DINKLAGE! (Pajiba)

If you did watch the Globes, you may have heard Peter Dinklage speaking about this man, Matrin Henderson. Picking up other people and tossing them just because of their short stature? Come on, jackasses. Try a little common sense and thought for your fellow man. (The Telegraph)

Our Cindy posted celeb red carpet photos in her newsfeed and we went about eviscerating and praising them and arguing about HOW THAT BELT WAS AWESEOME, INNERNET MAGPIE! Ahem. Go forth and judge them yourselves! (People) (Tom And Lorenzo)

SOPA is like that pimple that you can feel under your skin, always threatening to emerge, causing pain and annoyance while you desperately attempt to destroy it before it erupts. (Extreme Tech)

I will only say this: 6'4" tall, edible Stormtrooper. (Boing Boing)

This woman enjoys donning a mermaid tail and swimming in the ocean. If she ever runs into any trouble, I pray that Tom Hanks will be there to rescue her. (Fark)

While driving I've seen people turned all the way around, digging in their back seat for something. I saw a man reading a book while zooming down a highway. Semi-truck drivers on cell phones. Hell, once I saw a driver punch and slap and attack her child in the backseat. (I called the police who asked if maybe it was just "normal punishment". Uh, NO.) What have you seen idiot drivers do? (Sun Sentinal)

Do you want to dress up as Godtopussy just for fun? I know where you can get some tentacles...(ThinkGeek)

Then you can accessorize with this necklace. (Fab)

I think I've talked about playing Portal and Portal 2 before. I know I've talked about Bronies. Here their worlds sort of collide, but not really. Just ponies and Portal.


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