Friday, January 20, 2012

Let Your Eyes Do The Talking: Tarte SmoulderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeliner


In my pre-holiday shopping excitement (I made a resolution to try using make-up a little more often), I bought a few items I'd been wanting to try for a while. One of them was a limited edition holiday set of the well-reviewed Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeliners.

After having tried and fallen in love with their LipSurgence collection, I read about these sparkly eyeliners and thought I'd take a chance. If you decide try the Tarte products, take advantage of their value sets which often cost the same as a single item in the same category. For instance, I got a set of five lip tint pencils for $29.00, the same price as one and here I got a set of five eyeliners for $29.00; a single eyeliner usually costs $25.00. Check around for deals at Sephora and QVC, as well as Tarte's own site.

Not being of the most steady hand when it comes to eyeliner, I often end up frustrated in trying to apply a thin line. With a magnifying mirror I do better and you can apply a neat line, but these eyeliners seem better suited for smudging and/or using as eyeshadow. That's actually the kind of cool thing about them, they can be used as either liner or shadow or both.

The colors are vivid and bright. This particular collection contained golden beige, moss, violet, espresso, smoke and silver black. All of them have a bit of glitter, which I like. The glitter may make it inappropriate for daytime wear (at work), so keep that in mind. But the eyeliners are sold separately in other colors, so if you need something more tame or plain, I'm sure you can find it. For my purposes--going out in the evening or for special occasions--the glitter works fine.

The color glides on beautifully and on the other end of the pencil is a "smudger," so if you want a softer look or to use the liner as shadow, you have a tool right at hand. To me, there are two things that make an eyeliner great: ease of application and staying power, and this liner provides both. If you don't wash this liner off, it's staying put. I can't stand when a pencil is dry and pulls at your skin instead of gliding--this liner really is (as advertised) creamy and dreamy. I love the colors I got in the kit and overall, I'd give this kit eight tentacles. If you buy a single eyeliner the price may be prohibitive, but if you feel like splurging, this is an excellent eyeliner that is sure to last a long time. I'm looking forward to trying more Tarte products.

Rating" 8/8 tentacles

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