Friday, January 20, 2012

If Mark Wahlberg Were Here, He Would Have Stopped This Post

Pinky McLadybits
I haven't been able to enjoy the Second Coming (heh heh, coming..) of Beavis and Butthead, as I don't have cable or satellite right now. LAME. Makeup effects artist Kevin Kirkpatrick clearly likes them too, since he made these real-life bust-mask hybrids of them. Butthead totally looks like a kid I went to school with.(reddit

After that, here's something a lot less terrifying. Which company is this: The company argues that it's hard to hire the best people in the world when the state where it's based discriminates against them. (The Atlantic)

Here's another piece that blames the entertainment industry for people choosing to pirate movies. What do you think? (GIGAOM)

Now wrap your head around this: Russia was spied a rock. I shit you not. (

This is a very interesting photo series of photographers posing with their famous images. (Wired)

You may have heard that MegaUpload was seized by the powers that be for sharing files. Here are some alternatives. If you're into that kind of stuff. (Lifehacker)

Thomas Kinkade: Blight of the art world or master of light? Let's look at his calendar pictures and decide. (The Awl)

As I sit here with my dog, Wallace, at my feet, I can't help but feel he would help me in the same way this Great Dane helped his owner. Trigger warning, domestic violence. (Time NewsFeed)

Ladies and gentlemen, Kenny G is single again. Please form an orderly queue to the right, as haters be to the left. (Billboard)

I absolutely adore Mystery Science Theater 3000. Not a day has gone by in months that I haven't watched at least one episode. My frenemy admin sent me this link to the most upsetting jackholes to appear in those cheesy movies, the worst they could find. La la la. (Topless Robot)

I must be on a photo kick because I have to share these gorgeous photos of underwater creatures. The colors are so vibrant. (Clione1.0)

I finally watched the Volkswagon Imperial Barks video that everyone has been squeeing about. It is definitely cute, but what isn't cute is that the AT-AT dog at the end was made to look just like Bones Mello. A greyhound that had been wearing an AT-AT suit last October, much to the delight of the Internet. Based on something I learned yesterday, were Bones's owners a large corporation, they could really fuck with Volkswagon. (Laughing Squid) (Jalopnik)

Mark Wahlberg: Crushing National Tragedies With Some Good Vibrations (VideoGum)

Are you excited about The Hunger Games movie? I am! And so is Dustin. (Pajiba)

Well, I have a new girl crush. Call me!! (NSFW, Language, Racist Idiot's Misspelled Note)

And now, in honor of my hellacious yesterday, I give you D'OH!

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