Friday, December 2, 2011

Hot Links: The ONE and ONLY time you'll ever see the words "Hanson" and "Orgasm" on the same page.


An orgasm has now been imaged in 3D video in the brain as it happens - and for possibly the first time in the history of science, women came first (full disclosure: I didn't write that - Time did, and holy macaroni, it was so kickass I grabbed it). (Time Healthland)

Christmas shopping for someone who owns an iPhone? Odds are the answer is yes, so here's a list of iPhone-friendly gift ideas. (TechCrunch)

Behold the Yeti Crab, a deep sea species that cultivates bacteria gardens on its own claws. Bacteria gardens that it then eats. Creepily. (Nature)

There are plenty of "Best of 2011" lists hanging about these days, but Damn You, Auto Correct!'s may be the only one that will make you wish you were wearing an adult diaper. Seriously, you'll tinkle. (Damn You, Auto Correct!)

Here's a page full of pictures of what several Victoria's Secret models would look like if they gained 100 pounds. I don't know, that much weight gain seems nearly impossible on a diet of watercress and vodka. (Fark)

Who's up for a road trip to nine must-visit nerdy film locations? Gas up the Millenium Falcon! (Wired)

Hanson continues to fight tooth and nail against the world's insistence that they JUST GO AWAY, this time by introducing their very own beer. Click the link to find out the name. It's so worth it, I promise. (Huffington Post)

For those of us insane enough to brave the bitter cold (and snow and ice and wind and homicidal snowplow drivers) for our morning jog, here are a few tips on staying safe when exercising in cold weather. Brrrrrrr! (Lifehacker)

We've all seen our share of sketchy lawyer billboards while creeping along on our morning commute, but these may be the best. (Neatorama)

Is Barnes & Noble heading for the same fate that befell Borders earlier this year? I sure as hell hope not. Buy a few books dearies, even if it's just to give your Beanie Baby collection some company on your bookshelf. (Gawker)

The U.S. Unemployment Rate has fallen to its lowest rate in more than 2 1/2 years. It's not all good news, as it can partly be attributed to 350,000 Americans simply giving up on searching for jobs and no longer being considered unemployed, but still, I'll take it. (PBS Newshour)

Space Invader Waffles of the Day. Exactly what it sounds like. (The Daily What)

Dude, I much prefer this definition of "birthday card" to the one I've accepted for so long. No paper cuts, either. (Urban Dictionary)

Oh, how I love this. The Facebook Newsfeed History of the Entire World. (College Humor)

Look, no matter how hard most of us try, "sexy" is a look we can't seem to pull off. Enter Gloria, the world's foremost expert on sexy. She cannot be denied, y'all.

And finally, a classic Christmas tale that's sure to warm the deepest, darkest cockles of your cold, black, geeky heart. I give you The Sith Who Stole Christmas. Quick, click it before it's gone!!!

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