Monday, December 5, 2011

Hot Links: Chicks with Trumpets. Oh, and Other Links, Too.


Is it any wonder that so many people have no idea what to do over at Google +, when not even the fine folks at Google can agree on exactly what it is? (Business Insider)

Got $60,000 stuffed away for a rainy day? Why not spend it on a vacation cruise - to the wreck of the Titanic. Women, children and Billy Zane's toupee first! (The New York Times)

Find out what happened when an adult with multiple college degrees decided to take his state's standardized math and reading tests for 10th graders. (The Washington Post)

Each week, Mashable chooses a popular song and surfs YouTube for covers of it for their YouTube Cover Song Face-Off. Which of this week's is your favorite? (Mashable)

What's the reason for the season? Well, we probably all have different answers to that question, but whatever our beliefs, I think we can agree that there's no time like right now to reach out and help our fellow man, woman and child. The Bloggess can help us get started, with her second (hopefully annual) "Accidental" Christmas Miracle. Treat yo self later, spread some love now. (The Bloggess)

The US Postal Service is putting an end to overnight First Class delivery. This is really going to affect my black market cheese delivery business. (Slashdot)

So, yeah, these brochures from companies that sell malware to governments are downright frightening. Big, Bad Brother. (BoingBoing)

Today's Google-A-Day Puzzle from Wired. Work the last of this past weekend's bender out of your brain cells. I can't promise that it won't hurt. (Wired)

A woman in Vermont took matters into her own hands when a raccoon lost an argument with a car's fender on her street. I'd hate to see what she does to neighbors who put out their recycling on the wrong day. (The Huffington Post)

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Chorus, singing winter-themed Tweets sent in by their fans, to the tune of O Fortuna! I've never noticed before, but choir robes would make fantastic special occasion Snuggies. (Neatorama)

Miss USA was arrested over the weekend for drunk driving. Damn, girl. I guess there really are some pickles you can't get out of using double-sided tape and Preparation-H. (Gawker)

Do you love animals more than you love people? Yeah? Then you might enjoy this collection of clips of animals getting the best of humans. (Crenk)

The 4 Most Unexpected Fan Bases in pop culture. Yeah, I never would have put these together, either. Like, NEVER EVER. (Cracked)

Virgin Diaries premiered last night on TLC, and it was everything we all remember our first times to be - awkward, uncomfortable, and nothing like the movies. (Celebitchy)

If maintaining an impossible level of patience while standing outside a dressing room at the Gap as your betrothed is complaining about the amount of pink stitching in the shirt he's trying on isn't true love, then you have no idea what true love is. (Shopping With C.Rob)

Have you heard of Katzenjammer? You're about to. Let the hot, talented badassery wash over you.

Here's another. Kind of makes you want to pick up the trumpet, huh?


  1. Thanks so much for the linkage! We will try to keep his reactions coming (thank goodness for wedding registries and Christmas shopping).