Thursday, December 8, 2011

CVS Non-Acetone Instant Polish Remover:

Pinky McLadybits

I despise the smell of nail polish remover. I fear that I'm breathing fumes that are stripping the lining of my major organs and causing them to initiate a revolt. That would be very not good. Non-acetone polish removers have a less nauseating smell and they are supposed to be better for you to use. Which is probably like saying sitting in raw sewage is better for you than eating it. 

I also get annoyed at the sheer volume of cotton balls or paper towels I need to use with a bottle of polish remover just to take care of one nail. It's ridiculous and I end up with tufts of cotton ball stuck to my hands. Although I was initially reluctant to purchase something that required me to shove my fingers in a wet hole repeatedly, I decided to try out CVS Non-Acetone Instant Polish Remover.
The jar is filled with polish remover and a large sponge with a hole in the middle. There is also a tuft of sponge on a metal handle for removing polish from your toes. I used it once to remove blue polish from my toenails and it remains blue to this day. That's a problem. When you remove dark colors from your nails, some residue remains in the sponge and you can end up with blue or red fingers and clean nails. That is sucky.

As I alluded to earlier, you stick your nail into the hole in the sponge and either let it soak a moment or vigorously rub it up and down against the side of the jar and the sponge. It feels weird when you have a mind as dirty as mine. Very weird. It usually does the trick though, so if I have to fingerbang a sponge to get all this polish off my nails, I suppose that's what I'll have to do. 

Another bonus is that all of the mess, except for the previously mentioned color bleed, remains in the jar. You don't have to waste paper towels or cotton balls. You sometimes get a chunk of sponge on you, but it doesn't stick. Overall, the CVS Non-Acetone Polish Remover does an admirable job of leeching the color from my nails. 

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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