Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder How I Keep From Going Under: Jungle Solid Conditioner


In the course of my mission to find a conditioner that leaves my hair light enough that it doesn’t stick to my scalp and require extra showering but moisturized enough that I don’t look like I spend my free time rubbing my head with balloons, I’ve gone through several brands. Mostly drug store brands, because I’m cheap. Given my luck with other products from Lush, though, I decided to give their Jungle Solid Conditioner a try.

I wanted to like this product. I like a lot of the stuff from Lush and the fact that it’s all environmentally friendly and hand made gives me a nice fuzzy feeling about my bath products that I don’t generally get when I buy products from Dove or Herbal Essences. Also, it was solid! How convenient is that for traveling and if you happen to have a gentleman friend whose shower you have to use maybe sometimes? Way easier to carry back and forth than a bunch of giant bottles.

The truth is, though, that it’s a fairly middling conditioner as far as these things go. My hair doesn’t feel especially soft and shiny afterwards, and my favorite winter time problem of static charged hair seems utterly unaffected. Add in that applying solid conditioner is a lot harder than applying solid shampoo because with no lather phase I never feel like I got the conditioner through all of my hair.

Frankly and to my disappointment, I’m going to give Lush’s Jungle conditioner 3 out of 8 tentacles. I still like to use it for travel purposes, but for the money it’s just not a great everyday conditioner if you really need something nourishing.

Rating: 3/8 tentacles

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