Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let's Get Physical: Daily Ab Workout FREE App

Author: Rusty

Lets be honest (or not), I’m a terribly busy woman (false). My days are just filled with all sorts of important obligations (also false) and so there are times I just can’t find time in my busy schedule (mostly checking facebook between brief bursts of writing) to get to the gym. So while scrolling through apps in the Android App Market one day I found a five minute ab workout app for free and thought I’d give it a shot. And honestly, who doesn’t have five minutes when they can find a soft bit of floor?

With the free app you only have the option of one workout routine in either five, seven and a half, or ten minute increments. It’s a series of ten ab exercises and when you start the workout the screen plays a video of the exercise for you to follow with directions listed beneath. Above the video is a timer for the exercise you’re performing, a pause button, and a countdown of how many more exercises you have to complete. For the ab workout, there’s no equipment required so you just need to find a carpeted area or put down a yoga mat. On the free version, there are also small ad banners running at the top or bottom of the screen but I barely ever notice them and they’re not in the way of the workout info.

Y’all? I’m not in terrible shape and the first time I tried to do this workout straight through it kicked my ass. HARD. I’ve been doing it regularly for about a month now and I’m down to just one break in the middle of the five minute routine but I still have to take an extra 20 seconds or so to pause and catch my breath while massaging my abs. None of the exercises on their own are that strenuous, but lined up in 30 second bursts they pack a bit of a punch.

It’s hard for me to tell what effect this is having on my abs, but they look firmer to me and the fact that I’m getting better at getting through the workout without stopping means that I’m gaining strength which is great. And with the longer workouts, once I get comfortable with the five minute level I can bump up to the seven and a half minute version which, despite having the same ten exercises, will almost certainly kick my ass all over again. For those of you with actual income, there is a paid version of the app which features more than one exercise routine and no ads for just $1.99.

I give Daily Ab Workout Free 8 tentacles because it makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something exercise like in five minutes and it’s free. Though to be fair, I would also happily pay $1.99 for it now that I know it works.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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  1. Outstanding review. After reading, I downloaded and tried out the butt one. After killing myself with that, I bought all five workouts. Luckily, they were only .99 when I bought them. Maybe they are on sale?