Monday, November 14, 2011

Hot Links: No More Crying Over Spilled Milk!

Pinky McLadybits

Sugarbelle makes Star Wars cookies using holiday cookie cutters. Adorkable!

Have you ever wished for waterproof clothing? Wish no more, Gizmodo shows us the superhydrophobic coating in action!

I have loved Peter Dinklage ever since he blew me away in The Station Agent. He is definitely amazing in A Game of Thrones, though Tyrion himself doesn't consider the work to be fantasy.
Justin Timberlake: Awesomesauce human being.

Would you like to own Justin Bieber's Johnson? You know, his snake? Um, his pet?

Mindy Kaling is someone I would like to have as my best friend. She's so cute and funny and amazing. I love her. You should too!

Do you hate the new Facebook feed, with stuff being stuck weird places and no idea when or where people have interacted with you? Well, (sort of) good news, everyone! Make that feed chronological again! Stupid "top stories". Hmph.

I just love lists over at Cracked, don't you?

Head over to Pajiba and watch the trailer for The Hunger Games. I loved the books and it looks like the movie will be wonderful too. I hope. Or else.

ThinkGeek for all your bacon needs. Like Bacon Candy Canes. Bacony Christmas!

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