Thursday, October 13, 2011

Winter Curls!

Author: Cindy

As any curly-haired (and I'd venture to guess, any be-haired) girl will tell you, winter curls and summer curls are two different things. In the summer, humidity and heat wreak havoc on curls and frizz everything to the nth degree, while winter, with its low humidity and cold temperatures, transforms curls to their better selves.

I might be a summer girl, but I do prefer my winter hair. Now while I've touted the wonders of the Aveda Be Curly line (and shall be ever faithful), in the wintertime I tend to swap in a different styling product: got2b Kinky Curling Mousse. After all, I'm nothing if not kinky!

So, after first applying a bit of the Aveda Curling Conditioner (which I use as a leave in), I squirt out a giant handful (my hair requires serious product) of the Kinky mousse and work it through my hair, starting about halfway down the length of my hair to the ends. I rarely put product near the top or roots of my hair--it doesn't seem to need it. With my head upside down (you know the drill, girls), I scrunch the curls, stand upright and then use a comb to make a side part.

The joy of using this mousse, as opposed to Aveda's Curl Enhancer, is that it's a much lighter product. It feels nice to have less gunk in my hair and it feels less weighty overall. I have tried using this product in the summertime and unfortunately, it just can't handle the frizz. But in the winter, got2b Kinky Curling Mousse is a miraculous product, leaving my hair super curly and even shiny (which for me is unheard of). An added bonus is that the Kinky Mousse is budget friendly and can be found at most drugstores for around $5.00 (way cheaper than Aveda). So if you have curls, give this one a try--I highly recommend it and give it eight out of eight tentacles.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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  1. I just added this to my order. I look forward to lovely and well behaved curls in the near future.