Monday, September 26, 2011

Aveda Makes the Holy Grail of Products for Curly Haired Girls

Author: Cindy

If you are a curly haired girl, by the time you reach your pre-teens you already know the world conspires against you (and if you live in an area of humidity, double that conspiracy factor). As if it's not enough to go through adolescence and puberty, you have an extra curse and an added feature at which the cool kids can poke fun. I've spent too much of my life encased in my own giant ball of frizz and I know how that looks and feels, so I put out the word about good hair products whenever I can.

I don't know when exactly I discovered Aveda--but I'm forever thankful that I did. They have a whole "Be Curly" line, but in particular, their Be Curly Conditioner and Curl Enhancer are the holy grail for my hair.

Both products are rather pricey (for that matter, so is everything Aveda), but those crafty marketers pretty much know that women will pay whatever is necessary to get their hair looking good. There have been times in my life when I was so poor I could barely scrape together cash for meals, but I'd give up food before my hair gunk. That's just how we girls roll!

The Curl Enhancer is the primary magic maker. Even in the dead of summer it will define my curls and keep the frizz under control better than any other product I've ever tried (and believe me, I have tried most of them). But the one-two punch of the Be Curly Conditioner and the Curl Enhancer is the undeniable best combination of products for girls with coarse, curly hair. After washing my hair with whatever shampoo I have on hand, I put in the conditioner and then go about taking care of everything else--washing, shaving, etc. (*wink*). The last part of my shower routine is to rinse the conditioner out of my hair, squeeze out the excess water and take just a little bit of the conditioner and work it through the ends of my hair, leaving it in.

Yes, you read that right and no, the Be Curly Conditioner is not intended to be a leave-in. But my hair is super dry and it needs a little something extra. I then gently wrap my head in a towel until after applying face and body lotion. At that point, I take off the towel, get a nice sized dollop of the Curl Enhancer and work that through my hair. I use a comb to part my hair and then just leave it be. Hair dryers? What are they? I can't even think of bringing a dryer near my hair without it turning into an afro, so I just let it air dry and go. (Yes, it is cold in winter!) When my hair is finally dry, I fluff it up a bit with my fingers and the curls fall into place--no fuss, no muss and no frizz. So if you have thick, curly hair, give Aveda's Be Curly line a try. I promise you'll love it!

I give both the Be Curly Conditioner and the Curl Enhancer 7 out of 8 tentacles, deducting one only because of price.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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  1. I LOVE the Curl Enhancer. It's the only thing that can turn my psuedo curls into gorgeousness.