Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ULTA Lash Icon: You Keep Using That Word!

Author: Pinky McLadybits

I left the house today. I shouldn't have done it, because I went to ALL of the stores and bought MOST of the things. To be fair, I was looking for an item more elusive than a unicorn: a pair of gold, opera-length gloves. Needless to say, I did not find them. But I found lots of other stuff!

My first stop was ULTA, but that was because I had a $5 off coupon AND I needed mascara and nail polish topcoat. I left with a polish basecoat, polish topcoat, some baked eyeshadow, and ULTA Lash Icon Volume Mascara in Soft Black.

The price for Lash Icon was a bit more than I like to spend on my mascara ($20), but it was on sale so I got it and the baked eyeshadow duo for $8. I KNOW. I chose the Lash Icon because I already have stupid-long lashes. They push against my glasses and sunglasses when I wear them. It's nuts. Since this mascara said it would add volume and not length, I decided to give it a try.

There are three colors to choose from: black/brown, soft black, and jet black. I usually get the blackest black that I can find in mascara since my lashes are paler than a unicorn's ass, but I thought soft black would suffice this time. The brush is large, but not the largest I've ever seen (heh). The mascara went on nicely, but not as dark as I like on the first sweep. I also got a bit of clumpiness on the outside lashes and on my upper lashes on the left eye. Why the left eye? No idea.

The mascara looked better the next time I used it but still caused clumps. I had to use a lash comb to get my lashes looking good, but look good they did! Truthfully, using a lash comb is a small price to pay for awesome-looking lashes, so I'm not taking away too many tentacles for that. It doesn't smear or run onto your face when you wear it, which is also good. If you can get this mascara on sale and you don't mind using the lash comb, it isn't a bad find. However, I wouldn't pay the full $10 price for it. Ever.

Rating: 5/8 tentacles

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