Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Candyman, Candyman, Candyman!

Author: Lainey

Do you like salty and sweet?  Do you like crunchy?  Do you enjoy some dark chocolate?  Ok, then get in your car (or on your bike, if you’re one of them healthy folks) and getchoo to Trader Joe’s.  Buy a container (Or, you know what?  Buy two.  You’re already there.) of the Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds.   Seriously, buy two.  You’re going to be pissed when you have to make a second trip.  They’re addicting.  Not addicting in the “Ummm, I just ate the whole container” way.  More like “I need a couple of these today”.  (Not a couple containers… just you know, a couple of almonds.)  They’re quite rich.  And salty.  Like big chunks of sea salt and big chunks of turbinado sugar.  And lots of rich dark chocolate.  THEY’RE SO GOOD! 

Ok.  I’m done.  Just go get some.  You can send your thank you card to me here.

PS:  While you’re there, pick up some Dark Caramel Wedges.  They’re in the little tins by the checkout lane.  They’re circular tins of caramel-filled dark chocolate wedges and they’re damn tasty!  Two wedges is a serving and it’s like 60 calories and they’re perfect for when you just need that little UUUMPH of chocolate.  You know how that goes.  Crisp, smooth dark chocolate and that little gooey UUUMPH of caramel.  Yeah, you know.

Ok, no for real.  I’m done.  Go on.  Get out of here.  You could be halfway to Trader Joe’s by now.  HURRY UP!


  1. Oh I LOVE their candy. Just so much. I'm heading there today after work so I now see caramels in my future.

  2. Those dark chocolate sea salt almonds from HEAVEN are easily the most addictive thing I have EVER PLACED IN MY MOUTH. And this is a mouth which has held a lot of addicting things, so BE FOREWARNED.