Monday, October 17, 2011

Here Comes The Sun: Aveeno Hydrosport Sunblock Spray

Author: Nepoleanita

I gave up any hope of being tan long ago. My skin doesn't even seem to have the ability to tan. I go from florescent white to florescent red pretty much immediately. That fact combined with my family's penchant for skin cancer means that I'm pretty serious about sun protection. I'm constantly wearing sunblock of some kind, and that I'm constantly looking for sunblock options. I have four right now that I use for different reasons. But I'm adding a fifth into heavy rotation, possibly even replacing one of those four. Who is this newcomer? Aveeno Hydrosport Sunblock Spray

Yes, I wear SPF 85. I wasn't kidding about keeping my skin protected. It also comes in SPF 50, for those of you who are risk takers. Or have melanin. Whatever. 

I was able to really put this sunblock to the test when I took a camping trip to a lake with some friends recently. It claims to be sweatproof and waterproof, both of which held up very well. It also says that it's "designed to be applied  even on wet skin". That also tested out well, as I forgot to bring a towel down to the dock and didn't realize it until it was time to reapply. I gave the bottle a bit of side-eye and sprayed my arm. Surprise, surprise, it worked! This is largely due to the oily nature of the spray. It sort of feels like rubbing dry oil on your skin. According to the product website, the inclusion of natural lotus is what makes it water-repellent. It's not greasy feeling, exactly, but it definitely has a distinct feeling on your skin that is totally different from traditional lotion sunblock. I don't think I'll be using it on a daily basis, but for long bouts of sun exposure, it's pretty great. 

The fact that it's an aerosol spray makes it really easy to apply all over, even on your own back. I was super brave and actually sprayed my face with it, risking an acne breakout just to give it a full review. The lengths I go to! I'm glad I did though, because even though I was certain that the oily feeling would result in a slew of pimples, no such thing occurred. My pores remained clog-free and happy. Another point in its favor is that this sunblock has a rather pleasant smell. Very light and sort of floral, not at all like the rubbing alcohol smell of most sprays I've used before. My favorite part is actually the cap design, because I'm a huge nerd. The cap is made so that it rotates about a quarter of an inch from side to side. This lines up the spray nozzle with a little hole when it's open, and locks the spraying mechanism when it's closed, so you can't spray it unless it's twisted to the open position. No plastic cap to lose! No spraying sunblock all over your beach bag! 

Overall, I give Aveeno Hydrosport Sunblock Spray an 8 out of 8 tentacles. 

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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