Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Further Detoxing Your Mani: CVS Biodegradable Formula Polish Remover

Author: Tamatha

This summer I ran out of cotton balls and nail polish remover at the same time. So I headed down to the local CVS (see, I don't do all of my shopping at the natural food store). Luckily, the two items are shelved with each other and after I grabbed the triple-size organic cotton balls, my eye was drawn to a new product: CVS' Biodegradable Formula Polish Remover. In addition to being biodegradable, it's also a non-acetone polish remover, and the bottle says that they use 30% less plastic than acetone polish removers of similar size. On top of all that, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it's not tested on animals. Clearly, this product has Tamatha written all over it.

Two things stand out as different about this nail polish remover. Well, three, but two main things. The first is that it kind of lathers when you use it, which is a little weird, but not a problem. The second is that it's oily rather than astringent-y. I think the oiliness takes a little getting used to, but I actually think it might be less damaging to your nails. By the end of the summer, my toenails (I rarely polish my fingernails) are in rough shape. They really hate being coated in polish for three months or so, straight. After that, it takes until the beginning of summer for them to get back to normal. But this fall, I am noticing that my nails are in better shape than usual and I think it's because this biodegradable nail polish remover doesn't strip the nails as much as regular polish.

The third thing that is different with this polish remover is that it has an unusual scent; it's neither pleasant nor unpleasant, just different. And honestly, it's not like regular polish remover smells delightful. So, at least for me, that wasn't a detraction.

The only negative thing about the biodegradable nail polish is that it does take a little more effort to get the nail polish off. But I didn't really care; I'm totally willing to take a little more time removing my toenail polish to feel less guilty about the impact my desire for painted nails has on the environment.

To be clear, this product isn't all flowers and sunshine; it's almost entirely chemicals and more chemicals. But let's be honest, ladies, there's no way that a product designed to remove something like nail polish could be anything but a chemical-fest.

I'm just glad to have found something that seems to be less harmful to the environment, isn't tested on animals, and actually seems to be less damaging to my nails. I consider that a win all around.

7 out of 8 tentacles. It loses one tentacle because it will take you a little longer to get your polish off. But it's totally worth it for the moral superiority.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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