Friday, October 28, 2011

Don't Be a Hairitic: Renpure Has the Cure

Author: Boo

I used to consider myself a bit of a tomboy, and even though my holey jeans, shaved head parts, and Metallica t-shirt days are (somewhat) behind me, I am and always will be a Shampoo Whore. That is to say: I've tried almost all of them. The horsey shampoo to grow my hair long; the Aussie shampoo to keep it from buildup; the Dove shampoo to see if marketing really works; the Burts Bees shampoo because I hate parabens and animal testing.

But at loooooooong last, I can safely say that I have finally, Finally, FINALLY found a shampoo that actually does what it says. This little bottle of magic is called Renpure Organics "my pretty hair is parched" Moisturizing Shampoo. And it's true: my pretty hair is was parched.

There are several things my shampoo must do for me to feel like it is a brand worth rinsing and repeating, in order of importance:

1. No parabens. Seriously, people, they cause cancer. Proven. Case closed.
2. Organic, and made from things that I would feel safe eating. I'm sorry, but if it has more unpronouncable names than a Russian phonebook, then it ain't a-happenin'.
3. Not tested on animals. Simple. I love animals. They don't deserve to be experiments.
4. Smells good. I mean, it's gonna be around my face all damn day. It better be something I like at best, and something I don't loathe at worst.
5. It works. You would think that this would be the most important. For the most part, all shampoos kinda sorta "work". At least, they remove the grease monkey that likes to lodge itself onto my scalp every other day.

I can safely say that the Renpure "my pretty hair is parched" shampoo gets an A+ in every category. Every. Single. One. For the record, my hair is fine, curly, and I got a lot of it. It is mostly very manageable, but gets dry as shit when the weather starts to turn cold. After using this shampoo twice (and I usually only shampoo my hair every other day, unless I'm a sweatbag), my hair was very noticeably shinier (even the boy-man noticed, and that takes some real noticin'), seemed like it had been treated with a moisturizer, and did whatever the hell I told it to. Sit. Stay. Good hair.

My rating? A glorious 8/8 tentacles. Go get-eth thee some.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles


  1. Where does one find this miracle in a bottle? I don't think I've ever seen it?

  2. I ordered it from after reading this. The price is definitely right, too ($6.99 for each). Thanks for the recommendation!