Monday, October 24, 2011

Cover Girl Lash Blast Length Mascara

Author: Nora

During the week, I like to keep my makeup routine fairly simple, which is why Cover Girl Lash Blast Length is essential to my makeup bag Monday through Friday. I work in a pretty casual place where the dress code is less than informal (ie, scrubs), so there is zero need for dramatic makeup. Still, I feel zombie-esque if I get less than nine hours of sleep at night, so I like keeping my peepers looking naturally peppy with the help of my favorite drugstore mascara.

Lash Blast Length, which retails for around $7 depending where you live and where you buy from, comes in shades of Very Black, Black, and Black-Brown. The brush is narrow and long, and the formula promises to give you "bold, notice-me lashes...up to 80% longer looking," without flaking. I've tried the waterproof and original versions, and both hold up well over the course of a long day: zero flaking, no smudging, and the waterproof even holds up extremely well in sweaty and/or tearful situations. Yes, I am saying there will come a time in your life when you will find yourself crying and sweating profusely, and it's essential you're wearing the proper mascara when that day comes.

The formula doesn't actually deliver "bold, notice-me" lashes, but it does deliver lashes that look slightly fuller, slightly longer, slightly darker than their natural state. This might sound like a disappointing feature, but it's partially the reason I adore this product so much. "WUT?" you might be thinking, "isn't having thick, lucious, dark lashes the point of wearing mascara?" and to that I say, "No."

I already have sort of long, thick lashes, so heavier products tend to make my eyes look a bit too "notice-me". This is great for weekends and going out, but not for a toned-down everyday look. Sometimes you don't want to feel that weight of a heavy mascara formula clinging to your lashes. Sometimes you don't want people commenting on your makeup. Sometimes you just want to have pretty, long, natural looking lashes that don't get crunched up against your sunglass lenses. Is that just me? If it is, GOOD. More affordable mascara for me!

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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