Friday, October 7, 2011

Ask Ink: Applying Cream Eyeshadows

Author: Rusty

Here is this week's question:
"What am I supposed to use to apply creme eye shadows? It seems like a finger may be the best option, because anything else would get gunked up."

To apply cream eyeshadow I do generally use my finger, right after washing it so I can be sure that there’s no oils on my skin that might break down the make up before I’m done wearing it. Another option would be a dense foam applicator, like the kind used to apply foundation if you’re not comfortable using your finger or want something that might work a little smoother or give you a more defined line. Definitely stay away from brushes because the cream shadow will gunk them up and ruin them for anything else. Also I’m betting that brushes wouldn’t apply the cream shadow very well just by their nature.

If you want to see cream shadow in action, you can see me apply some in the second look featured in this video:

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  1. Excellent. So I can keep using my finger. Nothing is cheaper than that.