Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5 Great Videos about Makeup (that AREN'T tutorials)

Author: Boo

Ah, the power of makeup. It is the most practical application of art in our society, and for good reason. We <3 it! For women, it signifies a coming of age (albeit this is happening at younger and younger ages; I mean, really, 4-year-olds hardly need to enhance their natural youthfulness), and it provides an (often daily) creative outlet. (I mean, have you SEEN some of the amazing video tutorials by my fellow Hot Ink contributors? Fabulous.) For men, it can be the exercise of freedom from the set gender roles in our society! How empowering! It is the epitome of personal expression, right after clothes. I mean, what can be more personal than your face? (Let us not speak of vagazzeling, forsooth.)

But for me, makeup takes real precedence during my favorite time of year: Halloween. This is when boys can be girls, girls can be ghouls, and ghouls can be...Lindsay Lohan. (*shudder*)

With that confusing thought, let's look at five fabulous videos from the 'Tubes—all dedicated to our favorite medium of personal expression: MAKEUP!

Top 5 Videos about Makeup that aren't How-Tos!

5. Dove's Real Beauty Campaign: If you haven't seen this excellent campaign by Dove, now's your chance. This shows the transformative properties of makeup that impact us on a daily basis. We are constantly told that "this" or "this" is the ideal of natural beauty, but this well-done behind the scenes look at a model shoot belies how unnatural this industry truly is. All through the power of makeup (and some Photoshop, the "digital makeup").

4. Girl Transforms into Jared Leto: A nice twist on gender-bending makeup is the female to male transition. This video is pretty good, although it is a bit dark and could use more....oomph. But still: Likey.

3. The REAL Jared Leto into an Old Man: Speaking of Jared Leto, let's look at him. (Oooooh, pretty.) These are some of my favorite makeup videos: the Hollywood behind-the-scenes makeup. I mean, this is some SERIOUS makeup. Aging anyone is probably one of the most difficult makeup challenges, as any makeup artist can attest to, and this is one high-end aging job.

2. Randy Roberts: A Little More Mascara: What list of makeup videos would be complete without a little musical number?? The answer: This one! Here's Randy Roberts, getting in touch with his feminine side.

1. Silencefiction: Lipstique (feat. Fauxnique): Oooooooh! So much awesome! So much pretty! So much cool makeup! So much great music! This is why lists have a "No. 1" position. Great work!

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