Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time to Break Out your Winter Topcoats: Nails Inc. The Donmar Topcoat


Nail polish is probably one of my more frivolous hobbies. I’m not especially good at it, I don’t wear it that often, and I’m terrible at not chipping it within two or three days. But I love nail polish, I’m too poor for manicures, and having a row of little candy-colored bottles lined up on my dresser makes me happy. So I look for deals, and recently I found a great one.

Sephora was selling off some nail kits and I found one for The Donmar Collection featuring the Donmar topcoat and Chelsea polish for $10. The topcoat features clear, iridescent bits that color shift in the light. The polish was a deep plum that looks almost black with two coats. Application was pretty standard, two coats of Chelsea, wait for it to dry, and then another two layers of the Donmar top coat. Right away it began to look good, with the iridescent bits shifting in the light. The effect was completed with a clear top coat and about ten minutes of walking around being very careful about touching things. 

The effect of the top coat is really beautiful. It goes on very easily, and because the flakes are irregular no two fingers look quite alike. The colors shift from an orange-y gold to green as the light catches them, with hints of the plum base color in there as well. They really help brighten up a dark color of nail polish, but I also look forward to trying them with a lighter color. The flakes are clearly defined against the dark plum, and I think it’d be interesting to see them on a color where they didn’t stand out so clearly and the effect was more subtle.

Overall, I’d rate the Donmar topcoat an 8 out of 8. Application was easy but the effect is definitely eye catching. If I hadn’t gotten it on sale, I’d take a point off for the price, because it is expensive for nail polish, but with the discount it’s absolutely perfect. 

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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