Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday... What a Bastard!


Sure, people can be bastards.  You know what else can be a real bastard?  Shelling out $5 bucks a day (or more) to feed your iced coffee habit.  I'm not gonna tell you to cut back on the caffeine - instead, why not try making your own iced coffee at home?  Don't worry, this blogger has even done the math for you!  (Hostess With The Motzes)

Well, this is sh*tty.  "Glee," that trainwreck of a Fox show that just keeps going and going, ripped off Jonathan Coulton's bluegrass cover of "Baby Got Back" - and then put it up for sale on iTunes.  (Wired)
But wait!  You can help Coulton stick it to them by buying his cover of their cover of his cover (whew!) on iTunes - and all of his proceeds will go to charity!  (Geekosystem)

TLC's "My Strange Addiction" has hit a weird new low.  Uh, slightly squicky footage ahead.  And yes, I realize this woman probably suffers from Pica.    (BuzzFeed)

Need a chaser?  Here you go.  (Cute Overload)

I hope you love the carrier you're using for your smartphone, because as of Saturday, it became illegal to unlock your phone.  The penalties for this "crime" are insane.  (The Atlantic)

Happy birthday to Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice," which turns 200 this week.  Hmm, I think this calls for some Mr. Darcy eye candy, yes?  (The answer is ALWAYS yes.) (NPR)

This lovely wedding announcement shows that love can blossom at any age.  Uh, I just need a moment, guys, it got really dusty in here all of a sudden.  (NY Times)

"Celery is an insult to human dignity."  (Gawker)

A recent study found that people have an easier time remembering info presented in social media form - i.e. in Facebook posts - than in printed form.  I know just what they mean - I could tell you what one of my friends said yesterday about her lunch, but I couldn't tell you the name of the author of the study I just read.  (Salon)

Speaking of Facebook, will you be participating in the class-action lawsuit against those horrible "Sponsored Stories" ads?  (Uproxx)

I know this song isn't exactly new, but damn if it's not my favorite thing right now.  Here's Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with "Thrift Shop."

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