Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm Back on the Chain, Gang


(Chain, links, get it?  I slay me!)

Good morning!  How about those Golden Globes last night?  Weren't they amazing/boring/so-so?  (Full disclosure:  I'm writing this at 7pm Sunday night because I don't want to blog and drink at the same time.  It won't end well.)

Another day, another fantastic tumblr to share.  This one mashes the gorgeous poetry of Pablo Neruda with images of adorable cats.  (Neruda Cats)

So the 2013 Miss America pageant took place on Saturday.  All I know is, they fed the losers doughnuts.  Yup.  Makes sense - sugary fried dough masks the salty taste of one's tears oh so well.  (The Gloss)

Nerds petition White House to build a Death Star; White House responds, brilliantly.  (White House)

Someone needs to start producing these Avengers-inspired dresses ASAP!  (io9)

Could you give up Facebook?  I'm way too addicted, personally.  Not that that's a good thing!  (Salon)

Did you catch the "Archer" live tour?  If so, do you know how insanely jealous of you I am?  For those of us who missed it, here are some of the highlights.  (Uproxx)

Coca-cola is being sued over claims that their Vitaminwater products are unhealthy.  Their defense is fighting back by basically saying that no consumer is dumb enough to believe Vitaminwater is good for you!  Uh, I think that's EXACTLY what you've led consumers to believe!  (HuffPo)

Some of these t-shirts for kids are absolutely baffling.  (BuzzFeed)

Over on Angry Black Lady, one writer discusses the hubbub over the President's Cabinet nominations and boils it all down to one clear point: feminism is more than a headcount.  (ABL)

It took two years and a LOT of work, but two filmmakers have successfully recreated "Toy Story" in its entirety using real toys.  Definitely worth a watch if you've got the time!  (Gizmodo)

Did you know that there's a Guinness World Record for loudest purr?  Now you know.  Meet the winner.  (I find purring to be a very relaxing sound, don't you?)

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