Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hot Ink Presents: The Ultimate in Golden Globes Fashion


The Golden Globes: it's one of Hollywood's biggest and most glamorous events.  Mega-stars will help set the trends of tomorrow with their sartorial choices.  Who will be on the cover of newspaper's worldwide tomorrow and who will be slammed by Mr. Blackwell?  Wait, is he still alive?  Okay, maybe they'll just be made fun of by snarky bloggers.

Anyways, just because you're not a megawatt super star with hot and cold running champagne and a guest house built out of those Franklin Mint Collector's plates you used to be able to buy off late night tv (you know that Angelina Jolie has that) doesn't mean you have to be a slouch in the style department.  We at Hot Ink want to help you out, and with this is mind we present the best in Golden Globes (watching) fashion.

First, for that effortless Hollywood cool, it's the classic monkey face pyjamas.  Perfect for hanging out with friends (if they have given up on any idea of success in the world) or showing that sassy sense of humour of yours (that monkey's wearing sunglasses like it's a person) this unique look will really set you apart

Are you more of a James Dean-like rebel?  Or perhaps James Franco having a nervous breakdown (two months away, tops)?  Then we suggest the comfy, yet anti-establishment (well other then Walmart) pyjama jean

Ah yes, the pyjama jean.  It'll have people everywhere wondering "why are those jeans just distressed at the top?"

And last but not least, our #1 Golden Globe pick: futuristic, pan-sexual, weird couple at the party that no one wants to talk to, crotch snug, sleep-onesie.  It's the best sperm costume you'll buy all year.

It's the uniform for a sale associate at a futuristic Best Buy that sells only copies of Woody Allen's "Sleeper".  Nope, that's not it either.

Wait, wait, I can do better.  It's just the exact outfit to let the world know that you apparently don't have genitals (look at Mr. nervous on the right). BAM! Nailed it!

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