Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ardell Brow Defining Palette


Until I started getting my eyebrows threaded, I never saw the importance of eyebrow products. Brow pencils and powders and gels mystified me. Why do I need those products? I have dark eyebrows already, so I don't need to enhance them!

Not true, ladies and gentlemen. My eyebrow artist impressed upon me the importance of the eyebrows to the overall look of the face. With just a touch of powder or pencil you can bring your face into focus, whether you're rocking an otherwise bare face or in full evening makeup. The eyebrow adds the finishing touch to the face.

I learned about the Ardell Brow Defining Palette from my eyebrow artist. It is literally the only one she recommends. So, when the lady who makes my eyebrows look fabulous tells me to buy a product, I do what she tells me. I found the palette at Sally Beauty for about $10. Each palette comes with two brow colors and a highlighter. There are three palette options - light, medium and dark; since I have dark hair, I chose the dark. The container itself is kind of genius. On the left side are a mini tweezer, a small angled brush for the brow powder, and a small sponge brush for the highlighter. The black plastic piece that holds all three angles up to reveal a small magnifying mirror! This type of good design is a little amazing to me. For $10 you get literally everything you need to do your brows.

The powders are good quality, too. They go on evenly and aren't so light they puff out past your eyebrow (you know how eyeshadow does sometimes? I hate that). You really don't need much powder, either. Just a couple of light taps with the brush against the powder then a few delicate swipes across your eyebrow and you have nicely defined brows. Seriously, if you've never applied powder to your eyebrows before, you will be astounded at the difference.

It should come as no surprise that I'm giving this product 8/8 tentacles. From the design of the package to the brow powder itself, Ardell has done a marvelous job with the Brow Defining Palette. I literally love it so much I bought one to keep in my purse and one for my makeup drawer at home. Go to your local Sally Beauty, the website, or Amazon and get you one. Or two.

Rating: 8/8 Tentacles

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