Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 is here. Let's Celebrate Awesomeness Style (Sorry Gangnam Style)


Woo! It's 2013! Time to get weird whether thou be a haver of boners or not!

Okay, I know it’s been 2013 for a few days, but you have to ease into these things, recover from hangovers etc.  So therefore I declare that 2013 starts…NOW!
I’ve decided to make my resolution for 2013 to have more awesome things in my life, and I’m going to start with today’s links.

Speaking of resolutions here’s a great one: make positive changes in your life WITHOUT letting yourself get overwhelmed and terrified.  This guide is a great start (Rookie)

As many of you might have, I spent my new years in a cute outfit that made up for the many times I just grabbed two things and decided that was an outfit (just wear it with confidence, people will think you’re “quirky”).  I paired this cute outfit with some good ol’ Spankx.  And I admit, that I had the same thought every Spanx wearer has had at some point “can you have sex in these?”.   Well, can you? (NyMag)

Oh Sex and the City, I have so many mixed feelings about you.  And it seems like someone has distilled all those feelings down into one supercut. (The Gloss)

Oh The Simpsons, I don’t have any mixed feelings about you (well, not the early years anyways).  Here are the stories of some great guest stars. (Uproxx)

You know what else would make a great 2013?  A theme party!  You know what makes a great theme party? Themed drinks! You know what makes the best theme? Pop Culture! (Mental Floss)

I’ve decided that instead of just awkwardly slapping make-up on my face this year, it would be fun to have cute eyeliner like adorable stars like Taylor Swift (I, however, won’t use a Sharpie.  Not doing that anymore should be your resolution Ms Swift).  Anyways, here’s some great eyeliner tips (HuffPo)

Another personal resolution is to try to see other people’s side in arguments.  This article is a great look at women who believe in saving themselves for marriage.  And, guess what, there’s a lot of really smart, interesting things here. (The Hairpin) 

Since we’re on the topic of religion, how about some badass Mormon ladies protesting sartorially?  Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the story to see the most adorable whole family protest (Feministing)

Diets are weird and gross.  Want proof? Just look at these cards. (Candy Boots)

Is being “God of all Nerds” your goal for 2013?  Well this chronological look at Tarantino’s pop culture references is a good first step. (Vulture)

And just because I like you, here's the best thing EVER: the amazing and hilarious comic Paul F Tompkins doing a cover of Skyfall.  Oh, and he can really sing. My ongoing crush on Mr. Tompkins continues:

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