Friday, December 21, 2012

Oi! To The World: Dixie's Christmas Playlist (Part 1)


I love Christmas songs. As soon as Advent starts, I start playing Christmas music non-stop on my car radio, iPod, Pandora, WHATEVER. I love it. Except for the stupid boy band Christmas songs, humbug to them. This Christmas, I give you my boy band-free playlist. No matter what your taste, I have a song for you.

Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth) - David Bowie and Bing Crosby

The David Bowie song appears at the top of my list because of course it does. But besides my bias towards anything Bowie, this is a beautiful song. In light of recent events in America, wanting peace for this generation and the next is something we can all ask the Three Wisemen to bring us for Christmas. 

O Holy Night - The Mormon Tabernacle Choir with soloist JoAnn Ottley
O Holy Night is hands-down my favorite Christmas song and this version tops all other versions. It's not even possible to talk or do anything else when you hear this song. You will find yourself stopping whatever it is you're doing and just listening. Ottley's solo is amazing. A-friggin-mazing. AMAZING. Her voice soars up into the highest registers and threatens to shake your speakers apart. It's a little tough to find online so here is the link to listen

Christmas in Killearny - Bing Crosby
This song is so cheery and peppy and Christmasy, I want to put on my kilt and dance an Irish jig while drinking egg nog. If you don't like Bing Crosby Christmas songs, then I just can't with you. I'm sorry, but I am unable to can.

Blue Christmas - Elvis

Oh, Elvis. I'm glad you never enunciated your songs. No one mumbles and jives their way through as Christmas song as well as you did. 

Silent Night  - The Dickies

The whole concept of this version amuses me. Silent Night...sung by a loud punk band. Glorious! (Also, how would you like to have this in your neighborhood? I'd be amused for, like, three nights.)

Oi! To The World - No Doubt

What I love most about this song is the surprisingly heartfelt and, I think, true sentiment in the middle of a ska beat - "If God came down on Christmas day, I know exactly what He'd say. He'd say "Oi!" to the punks and "Oi!" to the skins but "Oi!" to the world and everybody wins." Amen to that.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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