Friday, December 7, 2012

No Links Today. Just A Broken Heart And A Request

Pinky McLadybits

Friday is finally here to end this horrible, no good, awful week. On Wednesday I lost a friend to cancer. She had fought for seven years to the day when she passed. She was the one receiving the funds from the PayPal donation button on our site. I'd like to ask you to think about donating money to cancer research in honor of someone you love who has been ravaged by cancer. It's too late for a cure for Stephanie Minge, but maybe your money can fund the research that helps to save someone else.

I miss Stephanie so much already and I treasure the time we had together. Here is Stephanie in 2011, sharing her positive attitude and her experience with proton therapy. I hope you have an amazing weekend and I hope you can share it with people that you love.


  1. Oh Pinky, I'm so sorry...

    Fuck cancer.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that.