Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's The End of The World As We Know It And I Feel, Well, Pretty Indifferent Actually


Well according to a bunch of weirdo nuts, this is our last day on earth.  We better really enjoy it, because apocalypse crazies have never been wrong before, right?

Well, what better way to go out then with LINKS? Ha! Trick question.  There is no better way to go out.

Here's some tips to deal with the upcoming end of days.  Or more accurately a bunch of reasons why you aren't going to deal and instead will, like, blow up or something (Pleated Jeans)

You know when there's an emergency and 9 months later there's a bunch of babies.  Well what if there were some kind of nerd emergency?  Like not enough Vulcan ears for the premiere of the new Star Trek movie or something?  Well it would probably be something like this: literary nerdiness meets crafty nerdiness and they have a bunch of cool paper sculpture babies. (io9)

Adorable?  Slightly terrifying?  Super Cool?  Japanese?  Did you want all of these in one image?  Well, I've got your fix.  It's Studio Ghibli characters in real life (Andrew Michael Golden)

A series of portraits of unrelated people who like like family.  Guess there really is a "family of man".  Sorry, couldn't resist (My Modern Met)

Well it's near the end of the year, so it's time for the Top Blah De Blah of 2012 lists to start coming out.  However, there is no such thing as Blah De Blah when it comes to Lifehacker.  There's just coolness, so much coolness (Lifehacker)

Old, but amazing: it’s a fake “Little Golden Books” style version of some of your favorite not for kids movies (Slash Film)

Man, Christmas shopping can be the worst.  Well how about a free, pixel-ly gift for your whole list?  Capcom's giving you the gift that keeps on giving.  A FREE VIDEO GAME (Buzzfeed)

Speaking of the gift that keeps on giving, here's something to help those made sad by this time of year.  Yes, for everyone jumping with Christmas Joy, there are others saddened by the festive season.  Why not help those in need by letting them laugh at your flat-out cray Rudolph-themed hairstyle?  (The Stir)

Okay, there's this thing.  This thing that's the greatest thing ever in the history of great things.  Like in the entire recorded history of great things: this thing is the greatest of all things.  This thing is Neil Patrick Harris hanging out with puppets in "Neil's Puppet Dreams".  See?  Told ya it was the best (AV Club)

Guys, I'm going to admit something: as funny as this video is, I totally do some of these dances (the video IS really funny though).

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