Monday, December 10, 2012

Are You Making Your Lists and Checking Them Twice?


Is There a S.P.E.W. for North Pole Elves?

Today marks exactly two weeks until Christmas Eve!  Are you surviving the crowds and whittling down that list?  Here's an idea for your Lego-lovin', Whedon-worshipping friends.  (io9)

If you're trying to find the perfect presents for your foodie friends, Food & Wine has you covered.  Love the mason jar shaker!  (Food & Wine)

Meanwhile, Barbra Streisand is considering gifting the world with her plans to cast Lady Gaga in her  upcoming film production of "Gypsy."  I just want to know if Babs is going to play mama Rose.  That'd be a hell of a double bill!  (AV Club)  (h/t Case)

This is crazy.  Someone bought an iPad from Best Buy and they shipped her FIVE iPads instead - and then told her to keep them!  Merry Christmas to her!  (Gizmodo)

Dustin Hoffman is always such a delight.  (Gawker)

I love really clever photos series, like this pregnancy series from a photographer in Quebec.  (Pleated Jeans)

So you're waiting in line for a photo op with Santa and your kid falls asleep.  What do you do?  This Santa deserves some amazing cookies for playing along!  (Neatorama)

Here are some fantastic DIY ideas for new uses for your old holiday decorations!  (Real Simple)

Speaking of DIY, here are some home decor ideas that you can use all winter long.  (BuzzFeed)

Well, since I'm on a DIY kick, here's a recipe for Oreo Christmas Truffles.  Perfect for parties or gifts!  (TheStir)

Here's a fabulous cover of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch," as sung by one-man band Nick McKaig.

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