Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All Seems to Say, "Throw Cares Away!"


The first openly-gay legislator of my home state of Pennsylvania came out this weekend (Yay!).   He's Mike Fleck, a Republican who apparently supports fracking and voter ID laws (Boo!).  (Gawker)

So now that the half-man from "Two and a Half Men" has bitten the hand that fed him and plans to leave at the end of the year, who will the producers bring in to replace him?  Oh, how about the future Mrs. Liam Hemsworth?  (Uproxx)

Wondering who that damned fiscal cliff will hurt the most?  Wonder no more.  Seriously, legislators, stop trying to screw over your opposition and FIX THIS.  (NY Times)

Uh... if I saw this on someone's wall, I think I'd mumble, "Oh, how nice," and slowly back out of the house.  Then run.  (Geeks Are Sexy)

Here are the Top 100 Most Popular Tracks from Spotify this year... aka the "Best Tracks I Wanted to Listen to But Not Actually Own" (thanks, Spotify!).  (Spotify)

Well, this is certainly a nice gesture.  Someone's got the holiday spirit.  (Mommyish)

Do all those accusations against Kevin Clash (voice of Elmo) have you super bummed?  The AV Club has a list of all the celebrities whose names they hope never to see tarnished.  (AV Club)

Damn, beauty pageants are expensive!  (NPR)

If you have a friend who isn't human until they've had their morning cup of coffee, this is the mug you need to buy them for Christmas.  (BoingBoing)

Is handwriting a lost art?  (Slate)

Since it is now December, I'd like to share some great holiday music with y'all.  Here's Pentatonix with an amazing version of "Carol of the Bells."

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