Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This Month Is So Many Things

Pinky McLadybits

Does anyone else have 99% of their Christmas shopping done? Just me? Does Kwanzaa have shopping? I can't remember. What? Inappropriate? Let's just move on.

Boobs. How much do you really know about them? It's not like they come with an owner's manual. UNTIL NOW! (Rookie)

You may already know that it is Movember and that is why Boba Fett here has that magnificent bastard of a mustache. Did you also know that it is NaNoWriMo? That's National Novel Writing Month. Enjoy this tale of a shitty Dan Brown ripoff and feel better about whatever you choose to write. (The Awl)

What's better than growing a bitchin' 'stache while attempting to write a novel this month? Red Lentil and Sriracha Soup. Or so I would guess. (The Hairpin)

I was never especially skilled in the ancient art of paper folding. Perhaps you are or would like to be. I haven't got any help for you there. I bet your town has an inexpensive class for that. I can tell you that this link will show you how to make Japanese Kusudama Flowers. (Curbly)

Corgis are adorbies all on their own. Hats off to the insane genius that decided to cross breed them with dogs like the Husky and Black Lab. (That Cute Site)

Some things shouldn't mix. Wet socks and frozen grass. Chris Brown and anyone. Pizza and ice cream. (The Laughing Squid)

Maybe you think art nouveau representations of characters is played out. I DO NOT AGREE. You should have a look at all of these any way. Lydia and her band of 80s heroines are waiting for you. (also some weird art depicting Bruce Banner and Tony Stark as a couple...) (kishokahime)

So Claire's has superhero jewelry now. Like a Batman pendant necklace. BRB, getting some glittery swag! (Fashion Tips From Comic Strips)

1940s makeup tips are much less intense than I expected. Some tips are still worthwhile, but it is kind of creepy to see that much powder on a face. (Styleite)

Dude. Twilight Highlights. HAHAHAHAH! Awesome. (Crushable)

Nick Offerman wants you to know that you can do it! Grow a mustache, that is.

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