Monday, November 19, 2012

T-Minus 4 Days 'Til Turkey Day!


I'm with Grumpy Cat on this one - let's put the Christmas decorating on hold until after Thanksgiving, shall we?  One holiday at a time, people!

I mean, even Black Friday is encroaching on Turkey Day, too.  Some stores are opening on Thanksgiving night as early as 8pm, so people can spend even less time with their families and more time fighting the crowds to save a 10-20% on things they don't need and will probably forget about a week after Christmas.  Retail workers, you have my sympathy!  (CNN)

Should you decide to venture out on Black Friday, be sure to follow these tips.  (Buzzfeed)

Make your own Thanksgiving-themed cupcakes!  (Laughing Squid)

I'm sure you've heard by now how Hostess has gone under.  As you sob into your Sno-Balls, read this article about the heads of the company actually got RAISES while the company was headed for bankruptcy.  Those tears of sorrow have suddenly become tears of rage, haven't they?  (Gawker)

If you're super depressed about the thought of a Twinkie-less world, here are several recipes for Hostess's most famous products that you can make at home.  (MNN)

I love this next article.  This 72 year old gentleman is an excellent example of someone who is confident in who he is and just doesn't give a f*ck about what others might think.  (Shanghaiist)

Did y'all agree with People's choice of Channing Tatum as the Sexiest Man of 2012?  Considering I have his "Pony" performance from "Magic Mike" in my buzz bank, I am totally on board with this decision.  What I am NOT on board with is Bradley Cooper's inclusion on this list of the Top 10 Sexiest Man Alive Winners.  That emu does nothing for me.  (The Frisky

What happens when a total Twilight newbie is assigned to watch "Breaking Dawn Part 2" with limited prior knowledge of the series?  Confusion and hilarity ensues.  Um, spoilers here.  (Vulture)

The first thing I thought of when I read this article was, "She's like a real-life Kick-Ass!"  But not being able to feel pain definitely hasn't been a blessing for this teenage girl or others like her.  (NY Times)

What happens when you use capuchin monkeys to demonstrate how unequal pay makes workers feel?

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