Monday, November 5, 2012

Only Two More Days Left of Election Coverage, I Promise!


Good morning!  Today's first link provided us with that funny sign to the left.  Here are 17 more smart-ass signs for your viewing pleasure.  (Pleated Jeans)

Dude.  Disney is planning a sequel to "Boy Meets World"!  I loved that show.  I hope this means we'll get to see whatever became of Eric.  (The Gloss)

Ellen DeGeneres called out undecided voters on a recent episode of her show.  Look, I understand being indecisive sometimes - I tend to waffle when it comes to choosing, say, what to have for dinner - but how on Earth can people STILL not know who they're voting for?!?  (Crushable)

Even if you're sick of election coverage (and who isn't?), you'll agree that this is great news.  (AV Club)

Name that panda!  (Mommyish)

Need a wedding gift idea for your favorite "Star Wars"-loving couple?  (Geeks Are Sexy)

Speaking of "Star Wars," you hear about Disney purchasing George Lucas's Lucasfilm Ltd. over the weekend?  Well, George won't be keeping the $4.05 billion they paid him - he's donating it all to an education charity!   (HuffPo)

Hey, remember that one really icky storyline from the final "Twilight" book?  Good news, Stephenie Meyer revealed that she might revisit it in a new book one day!  ("EW" is the site and also my comment on this news)

It's Movember, which is a special time of the year for those who love mustachioed men.  Here's a gallery of 20 hunky dudes rockin' the upper lip hair.  (The Frisky)

If you're looking for a way to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, you can donate here.  Or, if you're in the NYC area and you're willing and able to help some stranded animals, go here to give a needy pet a new home.

Here's a catchy tune to get you through your Monday - "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons.

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