Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Molly 'n Me Glow in the Dark Nail Polish: Don't You Know that You're Toxic?


A little over a month ago, I was on Martha's Vineyard for a wedding (that sounds a lot posh-er than my life actually is). After my friends and I had a fabulous lunch at The Net Result, we were wandering around the little shopping center there and decided to check out The Toy Box, a cool looking toy store.  My eye was caught by a container of nail polishes, some of which were glow in the dark.  That, my friends, was something I could not resist.  Not only did the glow-in-the-dark nail polish speak to the part of me attracted to tacky-ish things, but it was only $4.00, so it felt like a totally reasonable purchase--especially in a place like the Vineyard where things are quite pricey.

Of course, it was only later, that the rational side of my brain pointed out that this nail polish was probably exactly the sort of product I avoid: completely unnatural, no doubt tested on animals (the poor bunnies!), and, I was willing to bet, made in China.  So serious demerits for me.  Listen, I need one of you readers who normally doesn't care about such things to buy some natural product made here in the US of A (or your home country, I'm not picky) and not tested on animals to cancel this purchase of mine out, okay?

Anyway, the nail polish in question is, Molly 'n Me Glow in the Dark Nail Polish.  I picked out this awesome shade of bluish-purple.  In fact, that was part of why I decided to get the nail polish, because it came in a great shade of blue that I wanted anyway.  I was really excited to try it.  I finally got around to giving it a whirl shortly before Halloween.

My first impression was that I was probably giving myself the cancer as I was using it.  I cannot properly convey how very, very, very toxic this stuff smells.  Seriously, when the Main Squeeze and I were staining and varnishing furniture a couple of years back, I don't think those liquids smelled any more toxic than this. Given how terribly toxic it smelled, I couldn't imagine it being used by its intended target audience: girls (you know, actual kids!). Seriously parents, just steer clear of this product!  (For the record, when I looked this nail polish up online for this review, the info on Amazon says that it's non-toxic, but I just have a seriously hard time believing it.)  I was extra glad that I used a base coat before applying this polish, because the idea of this product being any closer to my body than it was would have freaked me out.

As for how it came out.  I was surprised by how sheer it was.  I only used two coats, and decided to work with the sheer look.  Since the polish also came out much lighter than how it appeared in the bottle, the sheerness didn't seem out of place.  Instead of a dark bluish-purple, I got something closer to cornflower blue--which is not unattractive. I kind of like it, it is just not what I was expecting.  In addition to being very sheer and much lighter in color than expected, this polish was bizarrely matte.  If I hadn't used a top coat, it would have looked a little weird, as it had no shine at all.

Regarding it actually glowing in the dark, there was nothing disappointing about that!  It wouldn't glow if my hands were in just regular light, but I only had to hold them next to a light source briefly (say, turning off the florescent light above the kitchen sink) for them to glow brightly in the dark.  So, the Molly 'n Me Glow in the Dark Nail Polish definitely does what its name says it will.

I'm giving this nail polish 4 out of 8 tentacles.  It gets full marks for glowing in the dark (which really was cool), but it loses four tentacles for how toxic it smells.  It just seems like a bad idea for kids and adults (which sadly, doesn't mean I won't use it again in the future, I'm not always the brightest bulb in the chandelier).

Rating: 4/8 tentacles

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