Thursday, November 1, 2012

Got a Candy Hangover, But It Was Totally Worth It


I may or may not have woke up feeling like this today

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween.  It's now the happiest time of the year: Half off Candy Sales!  Okay, it's my happiest time. Woooooot!

Did you have a little too much to drink at a Hallowe'en party and say something you shouldn't have?  I guarantee, compared to these folks, you win forever (Buzzfeed) 

So it's post-Halloween and pre-Thanksgiving so its time for the media to churn out a million weight loss articles.  Well why not tell everyone in the office that you're detoxing while still enjoying this delicious party drink. Probably, don't drink it in the office though (Daily Candy)

Turns out just because it's November doesn't mean spooky deeds are done.  At least not by the photoshop community (Fashion Etc)

Speaking of Britney, man I heart her and her honest little self (Divine Caroline)

So we're getting close to Thanksgiving.  Here's an article with the amazing female comedians and you should be thankful for (Rookie)

I know a lot of folks are super excited about the Sex and The City prequel “The Carrie Diaries (and also super afraid it will be the worst).  How can it guarantee to have the feel of the original?  Hopefully it follows these tips (Slate)

An awesome article about fat, guilt and a life of living with, fighting against and questioning 

Hey super right wingers, way to be THE WORST (Feministing)
Ugh! I'm stuck inside because of the terrible weather but am unsure which of these boardgames that are collecting dust I should play with. JK I play boardgames all the time because I'm a weirdo, but here's a guide for the rest of you (The Gloss)

While we're at it, can we stop a hurricane? (io9)

Oh celebrity death hoaxes, you are to the internet what catnip is to cats: irresistible.  Also, stinky (Crushable) 

So, runway trends, are any of them actually, you know, do-able for a regular human? Apparently: maybe (Refinery29)

Some people won't let anything stop them, not even a dangerous hurricane.  Nothing can beat Fallon! Even when it probably should because it's just a tv show (really funny though)

Want to see to of your pop culture icons Rap Battle?  No? 
Too Bad

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