Friday, November 16, 2012


Pinky McLadybits

Way to be a bunch of dicks, Sarasota police. Arresting a homeless man for charging his cell phone at a public charging station? Stay classy! (Herald Tribune)

Meanwhile, in Santa Cruz...surfers find a fossil on the beach. (Huffington Post)

These Seven Deadly Sins rings are quite a statement. I would totally wear the Lust ring. GIVE IT TO ME. (Neatorama)

There is a 13 year old who feels no pain. It isn't like some comic book hero of course. She severely injures herself and has no idea because she just can't feel it. Sure, tattoos would be a breeze and so would childbirth, but the constant skin-stripping burns, breaks, gashes and such would definitely outweigh those idiotic bonuses. This article is graphic. (New York Times)

Huh. Well that's a super in-depth analysis of Ke$ha's new video. Maybe get a hobby? (The Awl)

They're having a sale, Ruth! Awesome geeky clothes for women by Her Universe! (Fab)

Walmart has a super sexist shirt on its shelves? THE HELL YOU SAY. (The Frisky)

Spray painting sexual harassers? I am conflicted. On one hand, FUCK YOU, SEXUALLY HARASSING ASS! On the other hand, spray painting people? Wait. I'm not conflicted at all. (The Gloss)

Would you like to snag the looks Kristen Stewart rocked in the Twilight movies? You have to admit that some of the clothes are extremely lovely. (Gurl)


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