Thursday, October 4, 2012

Woodchuck Fall Hard Cider: You Autumn Get You Some!

Pinky McLadybits

Like most tasty and wonderful things, I first discovered Woodchuck Draft Cider while creating a Make Your Own Six Pack at Jungle Jim's. I had grabbed Woodchuck Raspberry, and I was hooked from that point on. I was relieved to see that Woodchuck was in the booze section of my local grocery store and I was even happier when I saw I could get a 12 pack with four different flavors. Amber, Granny Smith, and 802 are the constants in that 12 pack and the fourth flavor depends on the season. As the season is fall, that's what we got last time. Fall.

This cider? It tastes just like fall. What does fall taste like? Cinnamon, nutmeg, and some undefinable flavor that ties it all together and makes you feel like screaming at football while huddled in a blanket. It is delicious while also being dangerous. For something that tastes like the best juice you have ever had, you have to be careful of the 5% alcohol content. As I am Responsible (sometimes), I try to drink these only at home and only one in a night. It is difficult to limit myself, since they are so tasty.

If you like your alcoholic drank a little smoother and sweeter than most beers tend to be, then you will probably love the delicious line of Woodchuck Hard Ciders. Since you can only get the Fall flavor in season, I would suggest seeking it out right now. (We were able to score a Winter Hard Cider in the spring this year, and HOLY CRAP IS THAT ONE SO TASTY AS WELL!) My only gripe, and it is one I am perfectly willing to ignore, is the cost. Around here it is about $17 or $18 for the 12 pack. Quality isn't cheap!

Rating: 7/8 tentacles


  1. I got my friends hooked on this stuff last month. Every time they come to my house, they ask if I have any more "Fall Incarnate". I saw some Woodchuck Pumpkin at World Market yesterday, but I was already spending enough, so I didn't buy it. Has anybody else tried it?

  2. I enjoy Woodchuck, but it's pretty far down my list of favorite Hard Ciders. Magners and Strongbow are my favs, followed by Woodpecker and Angry Orchard. Then Woodchuck. One of the seasonals I really love, and I can't remember if it was Summer or Spring (and I hate not knowing, because one was awful, and one kicked ass). That being said, I'm always glad to see more people drinking it! I find Cider way more delicious than beer, and it's comparable in both price and alcohol content - so when we're doing a cheap night at the bar, that's always my go to!