Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted! Random Links from a Mind that's Already in California.

Metric Jenn

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Metric Jenn? Doing links? Yes, it is a change from the lovely lady regulars, but you see, I am going on vacation for 2 and a half weeks, and I felt bad for not having contributed much lately. So really, these links are the LEAST I can do before I say 'fuck it' to everything. Case in point, I still have one work day left, but I mentally checked out of that place like...a week ago.

But enough of that rambling - LET US BEGIN THE LINKENING!

So, I've been perusing tattoo site lately, as I have a tattoo from when I was younger that I want covered up with something nice, so thankfully FuckYeahTattoos has given me loads of ideas! 

My local tattoo artist friend also told me to go to Dafont to get ideas for script. Now if only I'd done this kind of research for that first tatt. Oh, the follies of youth!

This woman from my home town and alma matter inspires me, and after reading about Prof. Constance Backhouse, I hope she inspires you, too.

Is grammar important to you? Do you enjoy trivia about grammar? Then head over to Grammarly. A blog after my own heart.

This article is interesting, and please click on the hyperlinks showing the study results! This can only be a good thing for gay couples and high-risk kids; plus, hopefully helpful in getting more states to legally allow gay people equal rights.

Guess which one of these Top Ten Cool Dances I'll be doing after work today? Answer: All of them. Because did I mention I'm going on vacation?

I wish there was video of this magic moment.

This happened to me once, it was not fun, but an excellent excuse as to why I was late for work but only stuck 1/2 a floor away!

I had no idea this internet shop existed, but now I'm hooked on The Neatest Stuff on Earth - it has a zombie baby monitor!

I don't know where this woman is posting from , but she is brave for putting this out there.

HOW am I just learning about this easy recipe for tacos NOW?!? My life was only half-lived until today.

Personally, I love a giant dose of "That Would Never Happen IRL" in the movies I watch, but have a look at what sequels would look like if they were forced to be more realistic. 

Here we are nearing the end of our linky journey. I'll bid you adieu with these 2 videos. One is how to pick a girl up at the gym, and the other is a song that's been on loop in my brain for 4 days now.

How to pick up a girl at the gym.

The Go-Go's! Live in 2001!

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