Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spoooooky links (and not so spooky but still great)


 Okay folks, I've made a major decision in my life: I've taken stock and I've decided that its time to make some real changes.  I need to live my truth, I have to come clean. Guys *deep breath*, I think that animals dressed up are really cute. Phew, I feel so free! 

Now let's look at these cats in wigs.  In wigs like they’re people! (TheBlogess)

Love Hallowe’en AND creative ways to punish your kids for misbehaving? These costumes will hurt you more then they hurt them…because you’ll laugh so hard you’ll get a stitch.  (MommyShorts)

I can’t trick or treat anymore (Stupid society and its in this case very reasonable rules) so instead I have to create my own treats.  I will, however, eat it all at once and tell my brother he can’t have any of it.  It’ll totally be worth the long distance call (Punchbowl)

As a lover of all things thrift store (and I know I’m not the only one) this BINGO game had me ugly laughing  (Little Big Blog)

Simple, well written and more then a little heart breaking: Becky Harks talks about her divorce.  Don’t miss this powerful and beautiful post.  Also very funny, don’t worry guys (Mommy Wants Vodka)

Looking for a cute, simple to make Halloween hair accessory that you can totally wear after Halloween.? Well here ya go! And when I say you can wear it after Halloween, I mean that I’m going to (Rookie)

Oh Ann Coulter, you just can’t stop pissing people off, can you?  Oh the world, you can’t stop being amazing and getting people to take down bullies, can you? (Special Olympics Blog)
For those of you interested in getting more cyclepaths in your community, this is a must watch (Wimp)

If you really want to be scared this Halloween season, how about this dating horror stories? Spoooooky (The Gloss)

Burn! Taylor Swift related burn! (Crushable)

Amazing apartment hunting tips. Man, I sure wish I had seen this when I was looking for an apartment.  (Life Hacker)

And in today’s awesome but useless information: how to eat a Triceratops.  My 5 year-old self is losing her mind right now (io9)

                Want to see the best, cutest, most heartwarming thing?  (get out your tissues)

I know that he's just a human being like the rest of us, but TOM HANKS SWORE ON TV!

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