Thursday, October 4, 2012

Don't Worry Everyone, Everything's Going to be Fine...Probably


Today, across America and the world people will be talking about last night’s Presidential debate.  That’s great because its important that people think long and hard about who they think would be the best President.  Its also great because there will be one day where water cooler talk won’t focus on terrible reality tv shows that everyone seems to love but me.  Oh sweet relief, a day without Honey Boo Boo!

What did you think about the debate internet GIF community? *sheer volume of answers causes face to melt from the zillions of answers like in Raiders of the Lost Ark* (Buzzfeed)

The Onion also watched the debates, and wrote the best headline ever.  And totally accurate, please oh please. (The Onion)

Here’s a really fun post-debate Google Hangout with some political bloggers (Café Mom)

Did any of the debate sound a little fishy to you?  Fact checkers to the rescue! (abc news)

The debate, as described by icons in the world of fashion.  A mix of decent points and THE EXACT REASONS WHY PEOPLE MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE IN FASHION!!  Sorry, yelling (The Gloss)

Okay, enough politics.  You know what’s the opposite of that? A series of badass martial arts battles (seriously its been proved by scientists…possibly!) so I got you ALL OF THEM (io9)

Oh “sexy” costumes, you are truly the worst…and yet I can’t stop reading about them.  Also, I may secretly covet the Transformers dress.  It just looks fun  (XOJane)

This is a beautiful article on why its important and empowering to BE IN pictures with your kids instead of just taking them (HuffPo)

If you know a teen girl, have her read this article about believing in yourself no matter what anyone says.  Heck, send it to every woman you know, its that smart and helpful (Rookie)

If you ever wanted to know what the perfect “I no longer want to have friends” email would look like, the internet found it (Gawker)

A hilarious pop culture gone wrong story from the folks at UCB.  Oh nerdy kids, I love you! (Vulture)

Oh dress codes, why are you so ridiculously confusing?  I wish I had this explanation of them before because I am extremely fancy and am always going to fancy parties.  Okay, sometimes I go to weddings. But still, with the helpful. (The Hairpin)

I know I'm not the only one who fell in love with the hilarious Janine Brito through episodes of the amazing "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell".  Well after seeing this I both her and the entire writing staff approximately 400% more.

Watch out "Totally Biased" staff, you're getting out-danced (I'm really hoping that they read this and release more dance videos).

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