Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Too Much Pumpkin? No Such Thing!


Today is definitely not the day that I tire of pumpkin anything.  Like this recipe: pumpkin chai oatmeal blueberry muffins.  That's a whole lotta deliciousness in one muffin!  Oh, and they're vegan, which I'm sure will please some of you.   (LunchBoxBunch)

In need of a good laugh today?  These photos from "Young Me, Now Me" should do the trick.  It's nearly impossible not to laugh at adults trying to emulate the expressions they made when they were toddlers.  (Pleated Jeans)

Good news if you grew up loving "Tiny Toons" (and if you didn't, I kinda feel sad for you): You can now catch the epic "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" movie on YouTube in its entirety!  (Gizmodo)

Are people needlessly sexualizing little girls if they wear leopard print?  Look, if leopard print automatically equals "sexy," then someone better tell these Hello Kitty dolls to clean up their acts.  I don't see anything wrong with young girls wearing fun prints, but I think the pink bikini on this page is cut rather skimpily for an 8 year old, no?  (Jezebel)

Move over, Jared from Subway - Starbucks has its own weight loss (potential) spokesperson!  (Delish)

Tsk, tsk, Shaun White.  What is it with celebrities and beating up on phones when they're drunk??  (OMG Yahoo)

Teens who "sext" are more likely to have unprotected sex.  This article has some advice for parents on how to broach that awkward subject with their kids.  Look, I know it's weird, but if we're not gonna teach kids about safe sex in high school or offer protection, then you're gonna have to suck it up and talk to them, parents!  (The Atlantic)

Party tip:  If the pool is glowing in the dark, don't swim in it.  (Gothamist)

It's Tubey Awards time over on Television Without Pity.  Did your favorites win?  (TWoP)

And over on EW, in honor of the upcoming Emmys on Sunday, they're presenting their "EWwy" awards.  (EW)

Here's an iPhone 5 promo that Apple doesn't want you to see.  I'm a fan of Apple in general, but this spoof is pretty clever.  

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