Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seacret Nail Care Collection: A Little for A Lot

Metric Jenn

Once upon a time there was a girl who got the most random demonstration of nail care from her mother right before a family dinner on Labour Day weekend. That girl was me. And I will NEVER pay for another manicure again. Not when I've got me a SEACRET.

So where did this stuff come from?  My mother told me all about her trip to the mall with my dad, and how they were stopped by one of those mall kiosk clerks who gave a demo on each of them. My dad then piped up to inform me that the kiosk lady was very nice-looking and that was the only reason he allowed her to give him the 'manliest of manicures'.

My mother bought a kit for herself, and one for me. Which for 80$ a pop, was very kind of her. So, now you're asking yourself "WHAT IS IN IT, AND WHY IS IT 80$?!? Also, what the heck."

The kit contains body lotion, cuticle oil, various buffing thingers all on one bar, and a nail file. The ONLY thing in this kit that you can't get elsewhere for cheaper is the cuticle oil. This product claims to have ingredients from the Dead Sea, and my mother kept going on and on about it, to which I replied "Soooo, salt?". She was not impressed.

The buffer-stick has 3 difference surfaces, the blue side is to sand off the rough tops of the nail bed, the gray side to...buff some more, I guess? and the white side is to polish it all up to make it look like you've just gotten a shiny manicure, but without the polish. It all absolutely works! I was very, very...VERY pleased with the results. But like I said earlier - you can get this tool elsewhere for cheaper.

Now, the cuticle oil is the kicker, though. I don't really know what is in it (I'm too lazy to check on the bottle), but it shrunk up my out-of-control cuticles, and cleared up a few hangnails. You're supposed to use it once per week. I seriously love this stuff.

The other items in the kit? A nail file. COME ON. Do I even have to get into this? This is the stupidest addition to a kit, and I'm not even going to rant about this because I may have a freaking coronary.

The lotion is ok. I got scent-free, as my office is a pile of Nazis who freak out at the slightest smell. I hate that BS, but whatever. The lotion is another useless add-on, as you can get nicer stuff elsewhere.

So really? For 80$ I got some cuticle oil and a buffing stick. Thank ASkars I didn't pay for it myself, or I would have busted a nut.I give this Seacret stuff a 4/8. That cuticle oil is magic, and the buffing stick is great. But for 80$, this kit can kiss my angry taint.

Rating: 4/8 tentacles


  1. I still have parts of my kit from years ago. I don't think I ever figured out what to do with the cuticle oil, which is apparently a shame. I'm still using the lotion (I get lotions all the time, so some of them get cycled to the back when the new hotness rolls in) and love it. Mine is Wild Kiwi. And that buffer/file stick I used all the time - but will replace with a cheaper one when I can't anymore. They aren't bad products, but you can definitely manage with cheaper stuff.

  2. My mom loves this stuff and if you just get the lotion I think it's worth it. They offer lots of coupons so I don't think I've ever paid full price, and that stuff leaves your hands really soft. In short, ditch the other stuff and get the lotion (their scented ones are really nice).