Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day's Over, Back to Laboring


Good morning!  I love these reimagined movie posters from Removies.  The basic gist - remove one letter from the title of an existing movie and boom, you've got a whole new film to illustrate.  My favorite is to the left.  (Removies)

This "Avengers" and "My Neighbor Totoro" mashup is adorable.  I've never seen a cuter Hulk!  (io9)

Let's keep the illustrations coming!  If you're a fan of Bill Hader's "Stefon" on SNL, you'll love this.  Splitsider asked some talented artists to draw the NYC hotspots Stefon describes in his Weekend Update segments.  (Splitsider)

These parents came up with a clever way of preventing any infant-induced meltdowns on a recent flight.  I love this idea, but I'd hate to think they'd have to do it EVERY TIME they fly until the kids are old enough to control themselves!  (Imgur)

EW has a fun summer movie retrospective with its Summer Movie Awards.  It's a nice way to wrap up the summer movie season, but be aware that spoilers abound.  (EW)

Fall is on its way, bringing with it all sorts of new television shows, movies, albums, and theater events.  Which ones should you be excited about?  (Vogue)

If you want a more in-depth look at the many albums being released this fall, this guide has you covered.  (The Atlantic)

Ukulele god Jake Shimabukuro is releasing an album this fall.  You can preview one of the tracks here - his excellent cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep."  (Wired)

Props to Eva Longoria for opening a steakhouse called "She" that will be marketed mainly toward women... but to hear it described in this article, it sounds like it's going to appeal to a different audience.  (Braiser)

Portion control is definitely easier to do when you have tools like Lifesize offers.  But who knew this weight-loss program was the brainchild of a personal trainer and a filmmaker?  (NY Times

A filament erupted on the sun last week, and the Hubble telescope captured it all.  Science!

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