Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hugh Jackman Wants to Teach, Simon Helberg Wants to Haunt Your Nightmares And Other Things I Learned Today



I have learned some amazing things today.  Firstly, that while I love the picture on the left, I am filled with sorrow as I will never, never be that hilarious.

Okay, while I go somewhere to wipe away my tears, here's some amazing, cool, weird and educational links. 

Don't run away, it's the FUN kind of educational.  No, really, that exists, I swear!  And don't worry, I'll ease into the learnings.

Do you remember Deelite and the awesome crazy-pants style of their lead singer?  Well you're going to love this article.  Hell, even if you don't remember them you're going to love this, because her style is aaaaamazing (Rookie)

Hey, want to be a big Hollywood hot shot and drive around in a convertible and eat Pinkberry (I'm not actually clear on what cool famous people do) Just combine any TWO of the words on this magical list and you've got a hit show (also, what exactly IS Pinkberry?)  I thought the article was just funny and silly, then realized how many of these shows I would watch and watch the hell out of.  Seriously, someone get on "Diner Pets" ASAP. (NPR Blogs)

Simon Helberg's Robin Williams is pretty amazing.  Also, terrifying.  Thanks for the nightmares you adorable, gorgeous man, you.  Ahem, I may have just revealed too much about myself (Team Coco)

Simon Helberg isn't the only celebrity trying to be someone else.  Watch this video of Hugh Jackman trying to get a job as a teacher (College Humor)

While we're on the subject, of education (see, I snuck some on ya..Ba Bam!), here are classrooms from around the world (The Guardian) 

Yayoi Kusama is a fascinating, weird, and fascinatingly weird artist who is famous (well, maybe "famous") for being obsessed with polka dots.  Well, that and checking herself into a mental institution.  This article and interview is an interesting window into her life and art at a time when a big retrospective (and pretty big resurgence of interest) was just about to take place.  Such a great read (Bulletmedia)

All these pictures made me happy.  However, number #26 beats everything else in the world for delightfulness (Buzzfeed)

Edwardians in Drag.  Say no more, Say no more....See what I did there?  I'm like, the Queen of references!  Also, this is so neat (Retronaut)

While I prefer toys that don't advertise themselves as the "___ for girls" I love the idea of a toy that lets girl know that Engineering isn't just for men.  Consider donating to the Kickstarter for this cool toy (Kickstarter)

Want to be a better writer?  Avoid these terrible cliché words that we are all literally always using.  Oh...crap! (The Atlantic)

A comic tells a beautiful and heart-breaking story.  Warning, this is very sad, especially for those with family members with cancer (Upworthy)

And now that you're both moved and super sad, here's a goofy little treat: Scientist punoff! (Cheezburger)

I think this cat may be a better singer then me, and I don't quite know how to feel about it:

Really cool music video (especially for Beach Boys fans):

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