Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hot Minute Reviews: Hot Kiss Intimates Extreme Double Push Up Bra

Pinky McLadybits

Sometimes you just don't need lots of words to let someone know whether a product works. For this reason, I bring you the inaugural Hot Minute Review! I went shopping at TJ Maxx for scarves and bras and returned home with one of each. The bra is Hot Kiss Intimates Extreme Double Push Up Bra, which retails for $24. TJ Maxx sold it to me for $6. SCORE.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I wear a 34A bra. I have tiny boobs. I thought that Hot Kiss promising to boost my bust by up to 2 sizes was too good to be true and also too good to pass up. How did it fare? Here are my boobs in a regular bra with minimal padding:

Trust me. There are boobs in this photo.
And here I am, moments later, in the Hot Kiss Intimates Extreme Double Push Up Bra:

This bra? MAKES ME SO HAPPY ALREADY! I had to adjust the girls and the straps a bit, but I think it is a clear winner. I just want things to fit properly up top, you know? It seems like everything is made with boobs that are B or higher and no one thinks about poor A-cups. With this bra? PA-POW! My only concern is finding more of these in stores later.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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