Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Jack Black That Doesn't Pull Faces: Jack Black's Double Duty Face Moisturizer


I ask very little of facial moisturizers. Mostly, that they absorb well and actually impart enough moisture to my skin so that it doesn’t feel like someone grabbed the back of my skull and pulled it tight. Sunscreen protection is a bonus. Jack Black’s Double Duty Face Moisturizer hits all the right notes*. 

I got this as a sample, but it’s kind of a supersized sample and I’ve been using it for long enough that I feel like I can do an actual review on this. Apparently, it’s for the dudes, but weirdly enough it worked fine on my lady-skin and didn’t cause me to sprout a beard. The moisturizer isn’t too thick, making it easy to spread, and absorbs easily into the skin. This is nice considering that a lot of moisturizers with SPF 20 are a little sticky. It’s odorless and claims to offer additional skin benefits. It’s very mild, and seems like it would be good for sensitive skin.

It doesn’t impart a great deal of moisture, though, so people with drier skin should look elsewhere. Additionally, I have my doubts about the other “skin benefits” they’re trying to claim. I suspect that any improvement in appearance comes from using a moisturizer/SPF regularly. It’s also a touch on the pricey side, which is kind of surprising since products geared towards men tend to be less expensive than their female-targeted counterparts. But with the whole metrosexual thing and men getting more interested in taking care of their appearance, perhaps that rule isn’t as hard and fast anymore. 

Overall, I give this 6 out of 8 tentacles. It fits all my needs as far as moisturizers go, but I’m not completely impressed with it. And I think it costs a little much for a basic light daily moisturizer/SPF combo, but I’m poor so what do I know? 

*I’m fairly certain this has nothing to do with the actor, but not positive.

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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