Thursday, August 2, 2012

Links To Make Your Life Better



Whoa, its August already! You know what that means, right? A desperate need to get things done so you don't feel like you've wasted the nice weather! Just me? Cool, cool, cool.

But seriously, here's some amazing links that will help you make things better.  Want a cooler room? Want to be more inspired to get that book written? Want to keep track of the Olympics with a cool app? Got you covered folks.  This is gonna be the best month ever!

I haven't been that big on the Olympics.  Okay, well I wasn't until I saw this hilarious photogallery (Buzzfeed) 

For you Olympics fans that want the full experience, it never hurts to be prepared (Bite)

Here's a fun treat for Olympics lovers who want to keep up with what's going on but have to get some f’ing work done (Life Hacker)

Are you a frustrated writer? (Me too dude!) Well this article has great writing advice, and unlike a lot of these type of articles, manages not to seem condescending (Rookie)

Here’s some great ideas to help you get inspired if you've got writer's block (Beautiful Mess)

You know what inspires me? A beautiful place to work.  If only I could afford it.  Wait, I can, with this amazing stenciled wall (Life, Crafts and Whatever)

What about a cute, cheap new outfit while we're at it ? Done! (DIY Fashion)

Now let's make our lives better by giving ourselves a break (The Gloss) 

You know what else would be fun? A theme party, like, say a Rick Ross themed dinner party (Vulture)
Wow! We've already got so much done.  I think that deserves a special treat, like, say a new Doctor Who trailer? (io9)

Let's watch it in my new dream treehouse (Geeks are Sexy)

You know, now that we're on the topic of pop culture, can we talk about Bane's voice? (Crushable) 

Nerdy, meets unnecessary but cool, meets slo-mo.  Pretty much the best ever

Fun DIY Style with chalk

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