Thursday, August 30, 2012

Internet Magic, Amazing Dads, Funny Animals AND Body Acceptance? Best Thursday Ever



Its Thursday, that magical day where the weekend's so close, there's a spring in your step and ice cream just tastes better.  Okay, maybe that's not true, but you should probably have some ice cream anyways.  Have you tried that stuff? Its delicious!   

As if the internet conjured them up through sheer force of will: Shakespeare Cats are here (The Mary Sue)

These vintage pictures of animals are adorable and occasionally kind of disturbing.  I dub them adorsturbing (Buzzfeed)

A simple article with a simple idea: all bodies are beautiful (Kaleo)

Body acceptance is a super hard road.  Hell, there’s a multi-million dollar industry built  on making us feel gross (thanks diet industry).  Well one group of brilliant queer folks of colour have come up with an awesome idea.  They explain it way better then I ever could.  Give the video a watch  (Vimeo)

You know what I hate? Realizing that animals might be funnier then I am (The Wall)

I have learned many lessons over the years, and the biggest may be don’t mess with nerds because they’re comebacks are WAY too smart.  Especially when they go corporate.  Especially, especially when they’re burning other nerds (Paperblog)

Gabby Douglas has publicly called out racism by teammates and the gym she trained at only to face a major backlash from people claiming she’s lying.  I only wish that I had the strength now as a 31 year old to get the truth out that Gabby has at 16. (The Nation)

Obama: cool President, or coolest President ever?  Here’s the transcript of his Reddit AMA (The Atlantic)

These are hilarious. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve had in all these fears at one time or another (The Hairpin)

A Dad, worried his son was not being who he wanted to be because of bullying, dons a skirt, becomes a hero (Gawker)

I know that I shouldn’t find the fact this key is flipping the bird forever so funny, but, but. It’s so funny you guys! (Limelife)

Guys, guys, my dream of having my own Batmobile just came true.  Okay, not really, but this blueprint of the Batmobile is pretty darn cool (Jaymug)

This may be the cutest thing ever:

Jonathan Banks aka Breaking Bad's Mike in his first onscreen roll: an educational film about periods. Skip forward to 1:30 to see him (he's pretty cute, just sayin')

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