Monday, August 13, 2012

Feel It In the Air, Summer's Out of Reach


Image by Roberto Porto via MSNBC

Mid-August already and you can see autumn coming on fast.  One sign that summer is winding down was the annual appearance of the Perseid meteor shower this weekend.  Were you able to catch a glimpse of this celestial wonder?  (MSNBC)

Another sign that signals the approaching end of summer - the Olympics wrapped up yesterday.  Here's the final medal count for the US - it wasn't our best ever, but it was a damn good year, and our athletes should be proud of what they achieved!  (Mercury News)

And this image from the Olympics shows what it's all about.  (Buzzfeed)

This psychologist makes an impassioned plea to stop calling Sherlock Holmes a "sociopath" once and for all!  (io9)

Hogwarts couture?  Yes, please!  I'm all over that Gryffindor gown.  (The Gloss)

Geeky eye makeup ideas for comic book fans and movie nerds alike!  These makeup artists are super creative and talented.  (Buzzfeed, The Mary Sue)

Meryl Streep stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" on Bravo and showed why she's one of America's most beloved actresses.  Most people would run when faced with such an overzealous fan!  (Crushable)

This might be the most adorable photoshoot Maxim has ever done.  Adam Scott rocks a plaid blazer like none other!  (TLo)

I don't know if I could eat a cake snake that was this realistic.  Creepy!  (BoingBoing)

Are social sites like Facebook and Twitter making book reviewers too "nice?"  Think about it: if you're friends with an author online, can you really remove that relationship from your review - is it possible to remain objective?  (Slate)

No matter how sick of "Call Me Maybe" you are by now, I'm sure this video will make you laugh.  

I just hope it didn't make you laugh like these next folks.  Here's a supercut of the "100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs."  Bonus points for the Nic Cage run.

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